Rhinos Finish Preseason with a Win over Syracuse University

The Rhinos started with Kristian Nicht in goal, centerbacks Tyler Bellamy and George Kyriazis in front of him, Jack Traynor to the left and Mac Hemmi on the right.  Bellamy is returning for his third season with the Rhinos, while Nicht and Traynor are recent signings and Kyriazis and Hemmi are both on trial.

The midfield looked rather familiar as Drew Cost partnered Tyler Rosenlund in the middle, 2011 Rookie of the Year J.C. Banks started on the right with newly returned Danny Earls on the left wing.

Offseason acquisition Graciano Brito led the line up front with big signing Tam McManus playing behind the big man.

The match report and quotes come from the team’s online write-up.

The Rhinos opened the scoring in the 23rd minute.  After an intricate build-up in the attacking half, left back Jack Traynor found himself in space at the top of the box.  Traynor whipped an early ball into the box.  Traynor’s service found the head of front runner Graciano Brito, but a brilliant reflex save from the Orange keeper Connor Jacobson kept the ball out of the net.  Withdrawn forward Tam McManus was the first to the rebound and tapped the ball into the empty net for a 1:0 Rhinos lead.

In the 55th minute, McManus provided the pass that put the Rhinos back in front.  After another long build-up from the Rhinos, McManus found time and space thirty yards out.  He used the opportunity to play a penetrating pass to Rhinos center midfielder Tyler Rosenlund.  In space Rosenlund had the composure to chip Orange goalkeeper Ryan Jones and give Rochester a 2:1 lead.

Troy Roberts entered for Bellamy at halftime.  Andrew Hoxie replaced Brito on 60 minutes while Connor Chinn came on for J.C. Banks at the same time.  Zamudio came in at center midfield for Rosenlund in the 63rd minute and managed not to get himself ejected this game.  This was quickly followed up by Cost making way for Mike Zaher the next minute and Kyle Manscuk replacing Kyriazis four minutes after that.  The final substitution was Isaac Kissi, still recovering from serious injury, coming on for Man of the Match Tam McManus.

Of the outfield trialists on the bench on Friday, only Kendell McFayden didn’t see minutes.  SUNY Brockport graduate Joe Marino also sat on the bench, but the local goalkeeper is projecting as the team’s third choice between the sticks.

After the last match head coach Jesse Myers spoke about the need to give some players a rest, especially the players on trial who may have not played at a high level in a while.  Myers was less cautious and confidently looking ahead to the 2012 USL-Pro season.

“At the end of the preseason we are starting to come together as a team.  Fourteen or fifteen guys should feel fairly confident that they have plane tickets to LA (for the season opener) in their hands.  The biggest challenge for us right now as a team is to get all of our players, with so many different backgrounds, onto the same page.  I think we’ve done a good job of that during training camp and the preseason, but we need to continue to grow and develop every day.”


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