2012 Lower Division Attendance Update: June 18

Every USL-Pro has seen its average attendance slip since the first couple weeks, except for Pittsburgh and Charlotte.  This phenomenon is pretty common across leagues and almost every team sees some up and down in numbers throughout the summer.

Charlotte should be proud of an announced gate this week of 1447, which was more than double their average attendance before Saturday night of 701.  Pittsburgh’s increase can be attributed to very poor turnouts earlier in the season.

Over in the NASL, Puerto Rico, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta have all seen their number increase since the beginning of the season; so credit to their marketing departments or supporter’s groups or whatever is responsible for that.  Keep in mind though, that Puerto Rico started with two draws under a thousand so improving upon those numbers wasn’t too difficult.  Edmonton is also playing at a stop-gap field with-out permanent seating facilities and from what I have gathered, the increase in their figures reflects standing only tickets.  This past week Atlanta registered 6000 despite their former sell-out number maxed at 5000 earlier in the season.

The largest announced attendance in either league remains San Antonio’s home opener on April 15 against Puerto Rico with a figure of 13,151.

As of Monday, June 18 here are the ranking of teams in the two professional leagues under MLS in terms of attendance:

  1. San Antonio Scorpions: 9460 [NASL]
  2. Orlando City: 6978 [USL-Pro]
  3. Rochester Rhinos: 6637 [USL-Pro]
  4. Atlanta Silverbacks: 4697 [NASL]
  5. Wilmington Hammerheads: 3995 [USL-Pro]
  6. Minnesota Stars: 3865 [NASL]
  7. Charleston Battery: 3782 [USL-Pro]
  8. Carolina Railhawks: 3102 [NASL]
  9. Fort Lauderdale Strikers: 3070 [NASL]
  10. Tampa Bay Rowdies: 3060 [NASL]
  11. Richmond Kickers: 2998 [USL-Pro]
  12. FC Edmonton: 1585 [NASL]
  13. Harrisburg City Islanders: 1447 [USL-Pro]**
  14. Puerto Rico Islanders: 1116 [NASL]
  15. Antigua Barracuda FC: 1067 [USL-Pro]
  16. Los Angeles Blues: 897 [USL-Pro]
  17. Dayton Dutch Lions: 866 [USL-Pro]**
  18. Charlotte Eagles: 826 [USL-Pro]
  19. Pittsburgh Riverhounds: 810 [USL-Pro]

*Missing games from each team

As of Monday, June 18 here are the averages for each of the two leagues:

  • USL-Pro: 166,755 total over 59 games (missing five) makes an average of 2826.4 per game across the league [the missing numbers are from lower drawing teams]
  • USL-Pro team median is 1447, but that’s problematic because I’m missing a few numbers from Harrisburg City Islanders.
  • The average of the top half (teams above the median) in the USL-Pro is 4867.2.
  • NASL: 171,567 total over 46 games makes an average of 3729.7 per game across the league
  • NASL team median is 3086.
  • The average of the top half (teams above the median) in the NASL is 5281.

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