Waived MLS Players Could Find New Home in Lower Divisions

Both Columbus Crew and New England Revolution waived three players respectively on Wednesday.  Any of these players could become immediate impact players on the rosters of lower division teams in this country.

Columbus Crew cut Korey Veeder (20) a US u-20 defender and u17 resident camper, Aubrey Perry (21) a 2nd round pick and u17 resident camper, and Shaun Francis (25) a Jamaican defender.

New England Revolution waived Jeremiah White (30) a versatile American right winger, and two foreign players.

These four players were waived by their MLS clubs on Wednesday and other teams in the league will have until 5PM EST on Friday to claim these players.  If the players are not selected by other MLS teams, they will become free agents.  After Friday afternoon these players will be available on free transfers to NASL and USL-Pro clubs.

Korey Veeder and Jeremiah White will be the most wanted out of this group, but for different reasons.  Veeder was a member of the residency camp in Bradenton, Florida for the u-17 national team.  He then participated in several u-20 national team training camps.  There are currently several former youth national team players plying their trade in the NASL (Julian Valentin, Gale Agbossoumonde).  Veeder is young enough to attract teams with his future potential but has a solid footing in professional training in the last four years.

Jeremiah White is a veteran, some may say journeyman playing for 8 clubs in 10 years, who can play in several positions.  His speed can make him a serious threat in NASL or USL-Pro.  USL-Pro teams can be effective with balls over the top for a speedy player to run onto.  White’s natural ability as a right winger can make him a first choice player on any number of NASL teams.

I fully expect two or three of these four players to be snapped up by a professional club in the U.S. by this time next week.  NASL and USL-Pro teams have been in season for 12 weeks, which is long enough to know in which areas they need improvement or reinforcements.  Any of these players could get serious minutes and help a team make a late-season playoff run.


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