Predictions for the Final Two Weeks of USL-Pro Season

I was curious as to what the final standings might look like come the end of the season.  It can be difficult to tell based on today’s standings because each team has anywhere from one to four games remaining and because 4 teams are within 2 points of each other.

I took the liberty of filling in the rest of the playoff contenders’ schedules with the results I think with occur.  Feel free to disagree with me and tell me in the comment section which games you would change.

Rochester: currently has 38 points
vs Charleston – win
vs Pittsburgh – win
= would end the season with 44 points

Charleston: 34
at Rochester – loss
vs Dayton – win

Wilmington: 34
at Charlotte – tie
vs Charlotte – win

Harrisburg: 33
at Richmond – loss
at LA – win
at LA – loss

Richmond: 32
vs Harrisburg – win
at Antigua – win
at Antigua – win

Charlotte: 29
at Pittsburgh – win
at Dayton – win
vs Wilmington – tie
at Wilmington – loss

Los Angeles: 26
vs Antigua – win
vs Harrisburg – loss
vs Harrisburg – win

Projected Final Standings:
1. Orlando
2. Rochester
3. Richmond
4. Wilmington
5. Charleston
6. Charlotte (tied with Harrisburg on points but goes ahead on goal differential)

7. Harrisburg
8. Los Angeles
9. Dayton
10. Pittsburgh
11. Antigua


Let me know what you think...

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