Predictions for the Last Week of the USL-Pro Season

There are 9 games in this final weekend of regular season action in the USL-Pro.  Almost all of these matches have implications on how the final standings shake out (all except Dayton at Orlando).

Wilmington at Charlotte, 2-2
Richmond at Antigua, 2-0
Harrisburg at L.A., 1-0
Dayton at Orlando, 0-4

Pittsburgh at Rochester, 0-3
Dayton at Charleston, 0-2
Charlotte at Wilmington, 1-2

Richmond at Antigua, 2-1
Harrisburg at L.A., 2-3

Rochester can still grab second place but only if Richmond doesn’t win both of its games in Antigua.  The 4-0 scoreline of their defeat at home to Charleston hurt the Rhinos’ goal differential enough to make a victory against Pittsburgh not good enough for Rochester.  The silver lining for Rochester is that Antigua tends to improve in the second game of a 2 games in 3 nights stand at home this season (3 out of 4 times).  Here’s to hoping that Antigua can fire a few home against Richmond.

Dayton probably won’t win either remaining on the road, giving three points to Charleston.  A home and home series between Wilmington and Charlotte will be tipped in the Hammerheads favor by the strong play of on-loan Corey Hertzog.

Harrisburg has strong players but I don’t like the team and I don’t want the Rhinos to face them in the playoffs.  Los Angeles has to win their two remaining games to take a spot in the playoffs, which I think is unlikely given the circus nature of the team out west.

I hope the Blues can manage to pull off both victories and dump Harrisburg out of the playoffs, but I might have to use all my wishes on Antigua taking a point away from visiting Richmond.

Rochester: currently has 38 points (and plus 3 goal differential)
vs Pittsburgh – win
= would end the season with 41 points (and plus 6 goal differential)

Charleston: 37
vs Dayton – win

Richmond: 35 (and plus four goal differential)
at Antigua – win
at Antigua – win
=41 (and plus seven goal differential)

Wilmington: 34
at Charlotte – tie
vs Charlotte – win

Charlotte: 33 (+8 goal differential)
vs Wilmington – tie
at Wilmington – loss
=34 (+7 goal differential)

Harrisburg: 33 (+4 goal differential)
at LA – win
at LA – loss
=36 (+4 goal differential)

Los Angeles: 29
vs Harrisburg – loss
vs Harrisburg – win

Projected Final Standings
1. Orlando
2. Richmond (goal differential
3. Rochester
4. Charleston
5. Wilmington
6. Harrisburg

7. Charlotte
8. Los Angeles
9. Dayton
10. Pittsburgh
11. Antigua


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