Breakdown of Rhinos Regular Season Results

Here are the results of each game of the Rhinos’ regular season with the final standings of each opponent.

@ LA 1-0, win, 8th
@ LA 2-0, win, 8th
@ Dayton, 1-0, win, 9th
vs Charlotte, 1-0, win, 7th
@ Charlotte, 1-0, win, 7th
@ Charleston, 1-0, win, 3rd
vs Dayton, 1-1, tie, 9th
@ Harrisburg, 0-1, loss, 6th
@ Dayton, 2-2, tie, 9th
vs Richmond, 0-1, loss, 4th
vs Wilmington, 1-1, tie, 5th
@ Harrisburg, 1-2, loss, 6th
@ Pittsburgh, 1-1, tie, 10th
@ Richmond, 3-2, win, 4th
vs Harrisburg, 1-2, loss, 6th
vs Antigua, 4-1, win, 11th
vs Dayton, 2-0, win, 9th
@ Wilmington, 0-0, tie, 5th
@ Orlando, 0-4, loss, 1st
vs Pittsburgh, 2-0, win, 10th
vs LA, 1-0, win, 8th
vs Orlando, 0-1, loss, 1st
vs Charleston, 0-4, loss, 3rd
vs Pittsburgh, 1-0, win, 10th

Totals against each team by standing:
1st – 2 losses, 0 points
2nd – Us, lol
3rd – 1 win, 1 loss, 3 points
4th – 1 win, 1 loss, 3 points
5th – 2 ties, 2 points
6th – 3 losses, 0 points
7th – 2 wins, 6 points
8th – 3 wins, 9 points
9th – 2 wins, 2 tie, 8 points
10th – 2 wins, 1 tie, 7 points
11th – 1 win, 3 points

Rochester Rhinos earned 41 points from 24 games for the season for 1.71 points per game:
against Orlando – 0 points per game (2 games)
against Charleston – 1.5 ppg (2 games)
against Richmond – 1.5 ppg (2 games)
against Wilmington – 1 ppg (2 games)
against Harrisburg – 0 ppg (3 games)
against Charlotte – 3 ppg (2 games)
against LA – 3 ppg (3 games)
against Dayton – 2 ppg (4 games)
against Pittsburgh – 2.3 ppg (3 games)
against Antigua – 3 ppg (1 game)

Conclusions:  Taking the moronic scheduling of games out of the equation, a team is supposed to tie teams as good as they are and beat they are better than.  The Rhinos followed that mold in all cases except against Harrisburg.  Grabbing 1.5 points per game against Charleston and Richmond across 2 games respectively means 1 win and 1 loss, which is fair if you accept the assumption that they are equally talented teams.  Only taking 1 point per game from Wilmington is a testament to Corey Hertzog and the impact he had since joining that team.  In every other case, taking at least 2 points per game is a remarkable record in any competitive league.

Saying that the Rhinos took most of their wins from weaker teams means nothing.  In any league in the world, successful teams get most of their wins from weaker teams.  By virtue of logic most teams take wins from weaker teams; that’s why they are the weaker teams.  We also got results against tougher teams.  There were only two teams we didn’t nick a point from all season.

A 4-0 loss at home, the worst home result in team history, is a depressing way to end the season but takes away from the fact that we beat Charleston at Blackbaud earlier in the season.  The 3 points from a 1-0 win are the same as the 3 points from a 4-0 win.

The problem here isn’t so much the results (except against Harrisburg and god, do I hate Harrisburg), but the performances.  It hurts and also defies reasonable explanation how we take the best attack-minded team we’ve had in years and try to grind out results.

I would love to get some feedback from other fans before I try to tackle the season in review.  Comment on this post (or any other post, lol) or email me dohertysoccer [at] to let me know what you thought of the Rhinos season or what the team could have done better this year.


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