Rhinos Players in USL-Pro Team of the Week Throughout the Season

I kept track of which Rhinos players were named to the Team of the Week on the league’s website.  I then compiled the information and awarded 5 points each time a Rhino was named Player of the Week, 3 points for Team of the Week, and 1 point for an Honorable Mention.

The Rhinos were inactive during Week 1, so no members of the squad were named to the USL-Pro Team of the Week.

Week 2:
GK: Kristian Nicht; “Was sharp in his first game in North America, recording a shutout.”
M: Tyler Rosenlund; “Well-placed header earned Rhinos victory against Los Angeles.”
F: Tam McManus; “Linked up well with midfield, and started move that led to goal.”
Honorable Mention: J.C. Banks (assist), Troy Roberts

Week 3:
F: Andrew Hoxie; “Halftime sub had major impact in Rhinos win against Blues
Honorable Mention: Kristian Nicht (shutout), J.C. Banks (goal)

Week 4:
D: George Kyriazis; “Strong presence at center back as Rhinos took third victory”
F: J.C. Banks ; “Scored only goal, his second of season, to keep Rhinos perfect”
Honorable Mention: Kristian Nicht (shutout)

Week 5:
D: Jack Traynor; “Played both fullback positions dominantly in 1-0 win against Eagles”
M: * Drew Cost; “Played key role in Rhinos’ goal, kept midfield tight throughout”
Honorable Mention: Tam McManus

Week 6:
GK: * Kristian Nicht; “Was outstanding in 10-save shutout to maintain Rhinos’ perfect start”
D: Troy Roberts; “Remarkably consistent, way key player in win against Charlotte”

Week 7:
D: Quavas Kirk; “Goal maintained Rhinos’ undefeated start to the season”
Honorable Mention: J.C. Banks

Week 8:
M: Danny Earls; “Strong work-rate all weekend was rewarded with assist vs. Dayton”
Honorable Mention: Tam McManus

Week 9:
D: George Kyriazis; “Put in strong performance despite Rhinos defeat to Kickers”
M: Danny Earls; “Was consistently threatening, only to be turned away by Pascale”

Week 10:
M: Tyler Rosenlund; “Fine header gave Rhinos lead against Hammerheads in 1-1 draw”
Honorable Mention: Danny Earls

Week 11:
M: Michael Tanke; “Bright spot for Rhinos had goal and assist in two contests”
Honorable Mention: Quavas Kirk

Week 12:
D: Troy Roberts; “Stalwart was consistent as Rhinos took big road victory”
M: J.C. Banks; “Had game-winning goal and assist as Rhinos snapped winless streak
Honorable Mention: Isaac Kissi, Graciano Brito

Week 13:
Honorable Mention: J.C. Banks

Week 14:
D: Danny Earls; “Scored game-winning goal in victory against Dayton.”
F: Kendell McFayden; “Two early goals sparked Rhinos in victory against Antigua”
Honorable Mention: J.C. Banks, Andrew Hoxie

Week 15:
Honorable Mention: Troy Roberts

Week 16:
D: Lucas Fernandez; “Had an assist, and helped set up opener, in Rhinos’ victory”
M: Tyler Rosenlund; “Controlled the midfield as Rhinos regained second place”
Honorable Mention: Andrew Hoxie, J.C. Banks

Week 17:
D: George Kyriazis; “Strong performance as Rhinos shut out Blues in 1-0 win”
M: Danny Earls; “Good possession and distribution in win against Los Angeles”
Honorable Mention: Tam McManus, Chris Estridge

Week 18:
Honorable Mention: Danny Earls

Week 19:
No Rhinos players mentioned because we played our worst game in team history.

Week 20:
D: George Kyriazis; “Played key role as Rhinos shut out Riverhounds to end season”
F: Andrew Hoxie; “Late strike allowed Rhinos to claim No.2 seed in playoffs”
Honorable Mention: Troy Roberts, Tyler Rosenlund

It should really come as any surprise who the top players were by this count.  J.C. Banks was an all-star who, when healthy, was in the very highest echelon of the league.  Danny Earls provided a spark when playing out wide and could play in other positions.  Rochester’s centerback tandem was the best or second best in the league this season.  Troy Roberts was a veteran leader and I don’t think I saw George Kyriazis put a wrong foot in all season.  Kristian Nicht was simply outstanding in his first season in North American soccer.  Aside from the regular season game against Charleston, Nicht consistently made saves that I didn’t think were humanly possible beforehand.

Banks: 14 points
Earls: 14 points
Kyriazis: 12 points
Nicht: 10 points
Rosenlund: 10 points
Roberts: 9 points
Hoxie: 8 points
McManus: 6 points
McFayden: 5 points
Cost: 5 points
Kirk: 4 points
Tanke: 3 points
Fernandez: 3 points
Traynor: 3 points
Estridge: 1 point
Kissi: 1 point
Brito: 1 point


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