U.S. Player Ratings Against Antigua and Barbuda

On the scale from 0 to 10, a 3 would signify scoring two own goals and 9 would be a hat-trick.

Tim Howard – 6
Howard made an important save and was left high & dry on the goal against.  He could have done more to organize his defense and mobilize the rest of the team.

Carlos Bocanegra – 4
Bocanegra was out of his element playing on the left side against pacy forwards.  He couldn’t keep up with his marks and didn’t provide support up the wing.

Geoff Cameron – 5
Cameron got burned by Peter Byers by horribly mistiming his tackle on Antigua’s goal.  Despite struggling to adjust his positioning, Cameron did have a few surging runs through the center.

Clarence Goodson – 3.5
Goodson looked like a boy among men on the field Friday night.  His toothpick build was cast aside several times by Antigua’s forwards, including by goal-scorer Dexter Blackstock on that play.

Steve Cherundolo – 6
Cherundolo was solid enough defensively but didn’t push up as high as he normally does.  Because of the defensive line of Antigua and the narrow layout of the field, Cherundolo wasn’t able to make overlapping runs.

Eddie Johnson – 7.5
Johnson scored two goals for the United States.  While those contributions cannot be ignored, the Seattle forward was ineffective and unable to contribute to the play for the rest of the game.  Klinsmann skewed the assymetrical formation and tactics toward Johnson’s headers but the team didn’t score from the run of play.  The first goal was a broken short corner cross and the second was a throw in to Kljestan who laid the ball off to Gordon who crossed for Johnson; two passes in four seconds.

Danny Williams – 5
Williams was charged with the single-handed duty of marshaling the midfield for the Yanks.  His role as defensive midfielder was unable to contain Antigua’s counter attacks and when he did break up the play his teammates didn’t offer many outlets.

Michael Bradley – 5.5
Bradley did not have the space to operate his game in the middle of the field.  Antigua’s defense and Klinsmann’s lineup meant that Bradley’s passes was predictable whether played to the right or forced through the center.

Graham Zusi – 6
Zusi played three brilliant balls into the box, including the assist on Johnson’s first goal.  However, Zusi was marked out of the game for stretches and lost control of a few of his crosses over the goal.

Clint Dempsey – 5
Dempsey was absent from the game for long periods.  Antigua’s defense was so compact within the small field, the Texan could not find holes through which to make runs.  He did make a couple of incisive diagonal passes towards Gomez.

Herculez Gomez – 5
Gomez looked frustrated almost from the kickoff.  He could not find a rhythm on the field and was forced into the right corner several times.  Gomez was played through the back four on multiple occasions but his first touch sent the ball straight to an onrushing Molvin James.


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