2014 NASL Season Attendance Log

The 2014 NASL Fall Season is off and running! Here is each team’s average home attendance figure for the fall campaign only:

Indy Eleven (9):      10465
Minnesota United FC (9):     9234 #
San Antonio Scorpions (9):     6909
Ottawa Fury (9):      5536
NY Cosmos (9):     4915
Tampa Bay Rowdies (9):     4301
Carolina RailHawks (9):     4190
Atlanta Silverbacks (9):     3751
Fort Lauderdale Strikers (9):     3537
FC Edmonton (9):     3303

# Minnesota United FC’s fall season average without its August 2 doubleheader is 6133.

Here is the official stated attendance figure for each match of the NASL fall season through week 16. The list begins from week 1 and works through to week 16, which is emboldened.

The data format is Time (EST) DateHome team – Away teamAttendance

Week 1:
7:00PM Saturday, July 12: NY Cosmos 1-3 San Antonio Scorpions, 3806
7:30PM Saturday, July 12: Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-2 Atlanta Silverbacks, 3896
7:30PM Saturday, July 12: Carolina RailHawks 1-2 Indy Eleven, 3080
7:30PM Saturday, July 12: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 0-3 Minnesota United FC, 3092
6:00PM Sunday, July 13: FC Edmonton 0-0 Ottawa Fury FC, 3609

Week 2:
8:00PM Thursday, July 17: Minnesota United FC 1-0 Carolina Railhawks, 7287
7:30PM Saturday, July 19: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-0 FC Edmonton, 3011
7:30PM Saturday, July 19: Indy Eleven 1-2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 10555
8:45PM Saturday, July 19: San Antonio Scorpions 2-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 6958
3:00PM Sunday, July 20: Ottawa Fury 0-1 NY Cosmos, 14593

Week 3:
8:30PM Wednesday, July 23: San Antonio Scorpions 2-0 Carolina RailHawks, 7884
7:30PM Saturday, July 26: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-1 Minnesota United FC, 4810
7:30PM Saturday, July 26: Carolina RailHawks 3-0 Ottawa Fury FC, 4294
7:30PM Saturday, July 26: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-1 NY Cosmos, 3257
7:30PM Saturday, July 26: Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-2 San Antonio Scorpions, 4868
4:00PM Sunday, July 27: FC Edmonton 0-1 Indy Eleven, 3152

Week 4:
6:03PM Saturday, August 2: Minnesota United FC 2-1 Ottawa Fury FC, 34047
7:00PM Saturday, August 2: NY Cosmos 0-1 Carolina RailHawks, 4649
7:30PM Saturday, August 2: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-0 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2648
7:30PM Saturday, August 2: Indy Eleven 2-4 Atlanta Silverbacks, 10285
4:00PM Sunday, August 3: FC Edmonton 3-1 San Antonio Scorpions, 2849

Week 5:
7:30PM Wednesday, August 6: Indy Eleven 0-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 10285
7:30PM Wednesday, August 6: NY Cosmos 0-0 FC Edmonton, 4524
7:00PM Saturday, August 9: Ottawa Fury FC 1-2 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 4814
7:30PM Saturday, August 9: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-2 NY Cosmos, 3842
7:30PM Saturday, August 9: Carolina RailHawks 3-4 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 3140
8:00PM Saturday, August 9: Minnesota United FC 3-2 FC Edmonton, 5112
8:30PM Saturday, August 9: San Antonio Scorpions 2-0 Indy Eleven, 7847

Week 6:
7:30PM Saturday, August 16: Carolina RailHawks 2-3 FC Edmonton, 4666
7:30PM Saturday, August 16: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-1 Atlanta Silverbacks, 2409
7:30PM Saturday, August 16: Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-1 NY Cosmos, 4273
8:00PM Saturday, August 16: Minnesota United FC 5-1 Indy Eleven, 5420
3:00PM Sunday, August 17: Ottawa Fury FC – San Antonio Scorpions, 4277

Week 7:
7:00PM Saturday, August 23: NY Cosmos 1-1 Minnesota United FC, 3928
7:30PM Saturday, August 23: Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-1 Carolina RaiHawks, 4212
8:30PM Saturday, August 23: San Antonio Scorpions 2-1 Atlanta Silverbacks, 5734
9:45PM Saturday, August 23: Indy Eleven 1-2 Ottawa Fury, 10285
4:00PM Sunday, August 24: FC Edmonton 2-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3111

Week 8:
7:30PM Friday, August 29: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 3006
7:00PM Saturday, August 30: Ottawa Fury FC 0-2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4206
7:30PM Saturday, August 30: Carolina RailHawks 0-2 Atlanta Silverbacks, 3106
7:30PM Saturday, August 30: Indy Eleven 2-2 NY Cosmos, 10659
4:00PM Sunday, August 31: FC Edmonton 2-1 Minnesota United FC, 2796

Week 9:
7:00PM Saturday, September 6: NY Cosmos 2-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3626
7:30PM Saturday, September 6: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-2 Indy Eleven, 5000
8:00PM Saturday, September 6: Minnesota United FC 1-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 7024
8:30PM Saturday, September 6: San Antonio Scorpions 3-0 FC Edmonton, 5594
3:00PM Sunday, September 7: Ottawa Fury FC 2-2 Carolina Railhawks, 5269

Week 10:
7:00PM Saturday, September 13: NY Cosmos 3-2 Atlanta Silverbacks, 4502
7:30PM Saturday, September 13: Carolina RailHawks 3-1 San Antonio Scorpions, 3193
7:30PM Saturday, September 13: Indy Eleven 3-1 FC Edmonton, 10567
7:30PM Saturday, September 13: Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-2 Ottawa Fury FC, 4340
8:00PM Saturday, September 13: Minnesota United FC 2-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 6202

Week 11:
7:30PM Saturday, September 20: Atlanta Silverbacks 0-3 Ottawa Fury FC, 3071
7:30PM Saturday, September 20: Carolina RailHawks 5-4 NY Cosmos, 5593
7:30PM Saturday, September 20: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2-1 Indy Eleven, 3112
8:30PM Saturday, September 20: San Antonio Scorpions 0-2 Minnesota United FC, 8313
4:00PM Sunday, September 21: FC Edmonton 1-0 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4392

Week 12:
7:30PM Saturday, September 27: Atlanta Silverbacks 0-1 San Antonio Scorpions, 3062
7:30PM Saturday, September 27: Indy Eleven 0-1 Carolina RailHawks, 10285
3:00PM Sunday, September 28: Ottawa Fury FC 2-3 Minnesota United FC, 5094
4:00PM Sunday, September 28: FC Edmonton 1-1 NY Cosmos, 3830
7:00PM Wednesday, October 1: Ottawa Fury FC 2-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 3105

Week 13:
7:30PM Saturday, October 4: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-0 Carolina RailHawks, 3052
7:30PM Saturday, October 4: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1-1 FC Edmonton, 4313
8:00PM Saturday, October 4: Minnesota United FC 1-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 5744
8:00PM Saturday, October 4: NY Cosmos 0-0 Indy Eleven, 6225
8:30PM Saturday, October 4: San Antonio Scorpions 1-1 Ottawa Fury FC, 5963

Week 14:
7:30PM Wednesday, October 8: Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-3 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3865
7:30PM Saturday, October 11: Atlanta Silverbacks 2-2 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 2905
7:30PM Saturday, October 11: Indy Eleven 2-0 Minnesota United FC, 10285
7:30PM Saturday, October 11: NY Cosmos 2-1 Ottawa Fury FC, 4411
8:30PM Saturday, October 11: San Antonio Scorpions 7-0 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 5683
4:00PM Sunday, October 12: FC Edmonton 3-0 Carolina RailHawks, 2903

Week 15:
7:30PM Wednesday, October 15: Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-3 Minnesota United FC, 2565
3:00PM Saturday, October 18: Ottawa Fury FC 0-2 FC Edmonton, 3935
7:30PM Saturday, October 18: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 3061
7:30PM Saturday, October 18: Carolina RailHawks 1-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 4179
7:30PM Saturday, October 18: Indy Eleven 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 10982
8:00PM Saturday, October 18: Minnesota United FC 0-0 NY Cosmos, 5817

Week 16:
7:30PM Saturday, October 25: Atlanta Silverbacks 0-2 Carolina RailHawks, 5000
7:30PM Saturday, October 25: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-0 FC Edmonton, 5756
7:30PM Saturday, October 25: NY Cosmos 2-2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 8565
8:00PM Saturday, October 25: Minnesota United FC 0-1 San Antonio Scorpions, 6454
3:00PM Sunday, October 26: Ottawa Fury FC 1-2 Indy Eleven, 4172

Week 17:
7:30PM Saturday, November 1: Carolina RailHawks 2-2 Minnesota United FC, 6460
7:30PM Saturday, November 1: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-1 Ottawa Fury FC, 5505
7:30PM Saturday, November 1: Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-2 Indy Eleven, 6377
8:30PM Saturday, November 1: San Antonio Scorpions 1-0 NY Cosmos, 8205
4:00PM Sunday, November 2: FC Edmonton – Atlanta Silverbacks,

The format is Team name (number of home matches): average attendance

Indy Eleven (5):     10465
San Antonio Scorpions (5):     6476
Minnesota United FC (4):     5577
Carolina RailHawks: (4):     5364
NY Cosmos (5):     5041
Tampa Bay Rowdies (5):     4998
Atlanta Silverbacks (4):     4731
Fort Lauderdale Strikers (4):     3825
FC Edmonton (4):     3569
Ottawa Fury FC (5):     2684

The data format is Time (EST) DateHome team – Away teamAttendance

Week 9:
7:30PM Saturday, June 7: Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-3 Minnesota United FC, 4132
7:45PM Saturday, June 7: Atlanta Silverbacks 3-3 Indy Eleven, 5000
8:30PM Saturday, June 7: San Antonio Scorpions 2-2 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 6484
4:00PM Sunday, June 8: FC Edmonton 6-1 Carolina RailHawks, 3641
5:00PM Sunday, June 8: NY Cosmos 1-0 Ottawa Fury FC, 6495

Week 8:
7:00PM Saturday, May 31: Ottawa Fury FC 1-0 FC Edmonton, 3207
7:30PM Saturday, May 31: Carolina RailHawks 2-0 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 7856
7:30PM Saturday, May 31: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 0-3 NY Cosmos, 5572
7:30PM Saturday, May 31: Indy Eleven 1-2 San Antonio Scorpions, 10285
7:45PM Saturday, May 31: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-2 Minnesota United FC, 5000

Week 7:
7:00PM Saturday, May 24: NY Cosmos 1-1 Indy Eleven, 3581
7:00PM Saturday, May 24: Ottawa Fury FC 2-3 San Antonio Scorpions, 2432
7:30PM Saturday, May 24: Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-2 Fort Laudedale Strikers, 4331
8:00PM Saturday, May 24: Minnesota United FC 0-0 Carolina RailHawks, 6784
9:00PM Saturday, May 24: FC Edmonton 1-2 Atlanta Silverbacks, 2961

Week 6:
7:30PM Saturday, May 17: Carolina RailHawks 2-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 5527
7:30PM Saturday, May 17: Indy Eleven 2-4 Ottawa Fury FC, 10285
7:30PM Saturday, May 17: Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-3 NY Cosmos, 4855
8:00PM Saturday, May 17: Minnesota United FC 3-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 5325
8:30PM Saturday, May 17: San Antonio Scorpions 0-0 FC Edmonton, 7087

Week 5:
7:00PM Saturday, May 10: Ottawa Fury FC 1-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2164
7:30PM Saturday, May 10: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 4-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 3109
7:30PM Saturday, May 10: Indy Eleven 1-2 FC Edmonton, 10285
8:30PM Satuday, May 10: San Antonio Scorpions 3-0 Carolina RailHawks, 5834
7:30PM Monday, May 12: NY Cosmos 1-0 Minnesota United FC, 3091

Week 4:
7:30PM Saturday, May 3: Atlanta Silverbacks 2-1 Ottawa Fury FC, 3922
7:30PM Saturday, May 3: Carolina RailHawks 1-0 NY Cosmos, 4066
8:00PM Saturday, May 3: Minnesota United FC 3-2 Indy Eleven, 4913
8:30PM Saturday, May 3: San Antonio Scorpions 0-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 5595
9:00PM Saturday, May 3: FC Edmonton 1-3 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3276

Week 3:
8:00PM Saturday, April 26: Minnesota United FC 1-0 FC Edmonton, 5287
7:30PM Saturday, April 26: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1-3 Atlanta Silverbacks, 4670
7:30PM Saturday, April 26: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 3-2 Indy Eleven, 3515
7:00PM Saturday, April 26: NY Cosmos 0-1 San Antonio Scorpions, 4130
3:00PM Saturday, April 26: Ottawa Fury FC 4-0 Carolina RailHawks, 2158

Week 2:
3:00PM Saturday, April 19: Ottawa Fury FC 1-2 Minnesota United FC, 3457
7:30PM Saturday, April 19: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-2 San Antonio Scorpions, 5000
7:30PM Saturday, April 19: Carolina RailHawks 4-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 4007
7:30PM Saturday, April 19: Indy Eleven 1-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 10421
9:00PM Saturday, April 19: FC Edmonton 0-1 NY Cosmos, 4399

Week 1:
7:30PM Saturday, April 12: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2-0 Ottawa Fury FC, 3105
7:30PM Saturday, April 12: Indy Eleven 1-1 Carolina Railhawks, 11048
7:30PM Saturday, April 12: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1-1 FC Edmonton, 7003
8:30PM Saturday, April 12: San Antonio Scorpions 0-2 Minnesota United FC, 7381
5:00PM Sunday, April 13: NY Cosmos 4-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 7906

59 thoughts on “2014 NASL Season Attendance Log

  1. I was looking forward to high attendance figures for NASL opening games. Here is the Atlanta Silverbacks in front of 7,906 fans at Cosmos Shuart Stadium. Big concern with Strikers low attendance number. Could be a franchise not here next year as the numbers don’t financial sustain the club is bleeding dollars. So sad I am Striker fan.

      • I wouldn’t be wise that Traffic sports sell the Strikers to investors from other markets and move to cities with better support and stadium. I heard the team is worth $6 million. Traffic Sports get an offer of $12 million, its a win to sell them and remove a losing financial asset from their books.

  2. I just want MLS to already announce its 24 teams so NASL can better select cities to expand to. With the addition on Miami and Atlanta to MLS the Strikers & Silverbacks will have to relocate to other cities or just fold. NASL might still lose San Antonio, Minnesota, or even Indy as MLS 24th team with how good of there crowd is. I think NASL needs to go to new cities in Canada and MidWest and West coast to become a more solid league. I hope after MLS announces its final teams it won’t affect the attendance to much in NASL since fans might feel like there teams hope of being an MLS team is gone and they can only be a 2nd division team.

    • The NASL has a lot of feelers out in multiple cities across the US and Canada. Peterson has had conversations with a bunch of prospective ownership groups but will probably keep them closer to his chest until most of the ducks are in a row.

      High attendances based on the allure of MLS expansion is a story we know well in Rochester. But in each case there are other potential factors in the mix, as well. Teams like Richmond and Charleston have been able to draw consistently without the direct possibility of joining MLS. Teams just have to be realistic about managing costs.

  3. Overall I’m expecting the league average this year to be around 5,000. Indy is defiantly looking promising with that opening crowd of over 11,000 (larger than the averages of 3 MLS clubs going into this week). Ft. Lauderdale is a bit low but I think as the season goes on that will get boosted, especially after the World Cup as interest is renewed in soccer. As far as expansion goes I’d love to see more Canadian teams (i.e. Calgary, Hamilton, Quebec, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, etc.) and most certainly some midwest teams. To why Milwaukee hasn’t gotten more interest in any of the top flights of American soccer is beyond me.

    • IDK about that at all. It will only get hotter as the season wears on in Miami/Ft Lauderdale area. I can’t figure out how they got an MLS expansion over San Antonio (*but then so did Atlanta) so obviously attendance and other sports team competition are not in the equation for Garber.

      • 3 teams in Texas never made any sense when the entire Southeast was under utilized. I think that they might have gone overboard though by putting Atlanta, Orlando and Miami into the ring, but it would be great to have another Midwest team – either Minnesota or Indy (probably Indy at this point) make the jump.

        • Why do three teams in california “make sense” but three teams in Texas doesn’t? How about FOUR teams (Sacremento?) and 2 in texas, does that make MORE sense? I rhink my prediction about Ft Lauderdale’s attendance has been proven out. I believe letring NASL POTW Walter Retsrepo go to the Scorpions was the nail in the coffin for this season but a huge benefit to San Antonio’s

          • Sacramento also setting goal of MLS having played 4 games in USL Pro with over 17,000 attendance. If MLS says no to Sac, I would hope they would leave USL Pro and join the NASL.

  4. In spending some time with the supporter and speaking with the Striker FO this past week. I got a cense that this franchise won’t be around much longer.

    • Fort Lauderdale is still owned by Traffic, right? I wouldn’t have thought they would care much about throwing money into a sinkhole (not that the team is, just saying for rhetorical purposes).

      It’s kinda weird that a lot of Americans have wanted the NASL to distance itself from Traffic Sports, but I’m not sure if they’d take less Traffic influence if the cost is losing the Strikers.

  5. @ Doherty as I fan I support the Strikers NASL Live because that where I grew watching them back in the day. I also love MLS and have sign up for MLS Live catch all the games. I watch USL PRO AZ United because that’s wear I live now. I support all three leagues. Why are the Strikers a sink hole. My understanding is capitol improvement needed at historic Lockhart stadium are keeping fans away? Are there something else I don’t know?

  6. So far this year, NASL attendance is looking consistently strong. Much more so than the USL Pro where you’ve got some pitiful numbers from some. I know there is “bad blood” between the leagues, but I can’t help think how cool it would be for them to merge, and maintain two divisions with promotion/relegation between the two. If you put Sac Rep, Roch, and some of the others in with the NASL teams, you’d have a stronger league. It would also avoid the race between the two to tap into the remaining markets within the US.

    • Would Rochester WANT to return to the NASL(Lancers) if invited? Could they afford to be competitive? The USOC provides a record of relative strength each year for those debating which league is superior (2nd vs 3rd tier). They are doing fine in USLPro and I have doubts how they would fare in the NASL without a significant payroll bump.

      • It doesn’t make sense for either Sacramento or Rochester to move to the NASL.

        Rochester has been downsizing its operations and overhauled the roster from 2013 to keep salaries low.

        Joining the NASL would be a waste of time and more of a lateral move than a step forward for Sacramento. Playing in the NASL is no better shop-window for MLS expansion than USL Pro is. The club can still sell 20,000 tickets (8,000-ish at the new venue) in the third division, why throw money away to play in a more expensive league for no value?
        Moving to the NASL would not improve Sacramento’s chances of being spotted and considered by MLS.

        • It does make sense for Sacramento to join the NASL only if it’s chances of being promoted to MLS are forever rejected. Leaving the USL would break the affiliation with the MLS where the team gets players on loan, as Sac does from San Jose and Portland. What happens here is that it helps you contend, as the RepublicFC are doing now, but can tank near playoff time because the parent team calls up there players. That’s whats wrong with Minor League sports. You root for them all season then lose your best players and your seasons over. Since MLS is capping at 24 teams, where other major leagues in the US are 30 – 32 teams, there would seem to be room for another upper division league. I think the NASL would logically be that league, as they were in there glory days. Ultimately, it’s up to the NASL as to how they want to see there future.

          • I like the sentiment and would like it a whole lot more if this country had a pyramid. The truth is that Orlando and Richmond and a few other clubs can compete with teams in the NASL.

            If Sacramento can sell out their entire season, why pay more money than it currently does in USL Pro to both enter and to travel in the NASL?

            Your argument about falling apart without loan players has problems. The USL Pro season (and playoffs) wraps up much earlier than the MLS season so parent clubs most likely wouldn’t need to recall their loanees even for a “home-stretch” scenario, even with injuries.

            Furthermore, Sacramento (or any other USL club) can mitigate that specific problem by adding a player on a USL contract before the roster freeze date. The clubs who participate in this affiliation conduct regular conversations. I know three USL Pro clubs off the top of my head that have several talks a week with their MLS partner. In most cases, the USL coach has a perfect picture of where the loaned player is in the MLS team’s depth chart and what specific scenarios (injuries to certain first team players) would trigger a recall on the loan.

            Again, I like the idea of the top third division clubs separating themselves from the mess of poorly organized, poorly marketed, poorly performing clubs. Unfortunately there is little reason other than to appease internet fans (myself included) for a USL Pro club to jump up to the NASL right now.

    • Watch the HUGE JUMP in NASL attendance from week 1 to week 2 2014 Fall this weekend. Ottawa expects to break San Antonio’s all time record high attendance with their home opener. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Indy and S.A hit 10K after NOT ONE team getting 4K last week.

  7. I wonder what is going on with the poor attendance numbers for NY Cosmos. Last year they had double what they are having the past two games.

    • Very disappointing week 1 Fall atendance figures (NOBODY could get even 4K after the World Cup had record ratings here? NY Cosmos have ametroploitan area with over 12 MILLION and will get easily outdrawn by both Indy and San Antonio this week. What’s up?

      • Anyway you look at it..there are clubs who cannot be breaking even with their poor attendances…how long their owners are willing to take these losses is a good question and brings up the need for minimum season ticket sales to be met for any new franchises and existing ones..in the case they do not there needs to be a process on relocation, terminating franchises which are obviously losing a lot of monies. Without a form of the MLS ‘ restrictive salary cap, NASL clubs are not limited in their expenses which could result in teams making checks their bank accounts cannot cash….sound familiar…look for FCE and the strikers to have problems if crowds do not seriously increase

        • Sounds like USLPro’s Pheonix team last year. Fortunately, the new ownership paid the outstanding amounts that were due the team’s players and had a pretty successful attendance turn around this past year.

          • Kyle Eng, the owner of the new Arizona United SC is a tremendous dude and you really can’t say enough good things about what he did what that market.

            The odd thing is that Phoenix FC’s attendance wasn’t actually that bad (1532), but that club made financial plans based on 2 or 3x that number. Despite drawing nearly 4200 to the season opener, the team mismanaged their way into non-existence within a year.

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      • So, what you’re saying is those were in attendance, but what were the tickets sold specifically for the match? Seems deceitful to call it MNU’s 34,000 fans when it’s really the Pro teams fans who happen to get a free MNU game, of which a portion are also MNU fans. Perhaps you could adjust the averages by including the dispersion statistics–kurtosis, skew, standard deviation– for the teams. But just in case you didn’t know how to do it, I’ve calculated these for the teams.

        • I was at the double header and when the Man City/Olympiacos game ended, a little less than half of the crowd remained to watch the game against Ottawa. As the game carried on, more people started to leave but that was largely due to a bunch of rain that came during the game. We all had to take cover, except for the Supporters Group called the Dark Clouds. Fitting name for that day.

          • Hey Mike, thanks for commenting and for the anecdote there. I’m a bit torn about that data point, to be honest. In this figure I’ve included it in the average, for the whole season average I omitted it. It’s hard to get a grasp of how many people were there by the time of or for the Minnesota game, though the normal metric for “announced attendances” usually bears little resemblance to the actual number of people in seats anyway.

  11. The football fans in Phoenix are very fortunate to have a new owner bail them out….I seriously doubt if the Fath’s sell or fold FCE because they have to have lost millions in the last four years, and I doubt there are any new potential future owners let alone ones that would pick them up and pay outstanding bills…averaging under 3000 in the last 4 years means financial losses…I can see them bringing in partners to continue their support but bottomline is Edmonton has not warmed up to football ever inb the past 40 years which continues to surprise me..Drillers, Eagles, Brickmen , Aviators and FC all have had very poor attendance that directly resulted in their failure and termination…I can see FCE avoiding extinction only if this CFL=NASL division comes to be..otherwise..how long can the Fath’s continue to lose monies??

    • Agreed, Edmonton has pretty low numbers, but this weekend (9/21) they did pull good numbers at almost 4400 and next week they will have the Cosmos in town which always draws a good crowd. Hopefully they can continue the trend.

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  13. I really like to use this page as a guide, and was wondering when i came in this time how Minnesota average is so high, not that I don;t think it should be its a great club, but I did some checking and there is no possible way the attendance was 34k at TCF Bank Stadium, they were vastly way more empty seats than ones with people in and it holds 55k, i’d say it was maybe about 15% full? Can see by watching the highlights, maybe 10k people if that. Would love to know the actual figure for that game but for my own stats I’ll award the average of all the other games fo that game as its obviously inflated.

    • Every game’s attendance is “inflated” and that game was part of a double-header with an international club friendly.

      On this page I exclude that particular data point from the full season averages. With or without that match in consideration, Minnesota is a strong club with a great team and fantastic fans.

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  15. Wonderful site and shows that there is a strong and slowly growing fanbase closer to the grassroots level across North America for real football. Yes, Minn Utd’s attendance numbers are skewed as a result of being the undercard on a Guiness Champions Cup “twin” bill, but credit to their organization for being able to piggy back on this. And the team has played exceptionally well – as evidenced by the best overall record in NASL and Miguel Ibarra’s inclusion in USMNT earlier this fall. Cristian Ramirez will be playing first division somewhere next year, too. Hoping for a Minn Utd/ SA Scorpions final in the Championship.

    • That would be some match.

      And I definitely echo calls to appreciate all of Minnesota United FC’s accomplishments on and off the field. I should note that even without that dubious data point, United’s fall season average is still an impressive 6,133 (good for third in the NASL) and that the full season average without it (5,947) is fourth best under MLS.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m glad you enjoy it.

  16. I would sure like to know what the NASL teams revenues and expeditures are or at the very least their operating profits or deficits..I am certain most clubs are either breaking even or losinfg monies..particularly FCE as the fath’s have stated more than once they need an average attendance of 8000 to break even and this year they averaged 3300 which was their highest average to date…

  17. Now comes the true test for Indy. Can a team that finished in the basement of the league still sellout games now that the allure of a new team has worn off? If they can still do that (and results on the field improve as well) then say hello to one of the next MLS teams. It would be a tragic loss for the NASL though.

  18. Just saw the NASL final via ESPN3. I hope my Strikers will be back next year, although I’m a little depressed after reading other people’s comments about the lack of fans and Traffic Sports involvement. But it’s been a few years, so WHAT DID TRAFFIC DO BEFORE? I remember they were notorious for something.
    Congrats to San Anton also, you now have a title that has nothing to do with David Robinson or Tim Duncan. Also, congrats to Indy fans. It looks like you’ll have another year in the NASL to break this record (go for over 11k next year!)

    • Also, I just looked at the USL’s attendance. The ‘terrible’ numbers of the Strikers, Silverbacks, and FCE would be Top 6 in the USL.

      • The lowest NASL team for the full season (Edmonton) is still much higher than 9 USL PRO teams from 2014, yeah.

        And that’s how it should be, with one league applying for d2 sanctioning and the other not.

        • FCE average is embarrassing considering the population of the metro region…same with Ottawa…besides their opening game their average was lower than FCE..NASL clubs cannot sustain themselves with such low numbers unless their greatly reduce their expenses which results in a far lower quality of play

        • That’s what I’m wondering about now. Doctor Doherty (sorry, too easy to come up with), is the gap between D3 (USL) and D2 (NASL) here, comparable to the difference between the League Championship and League One in England (say, Preston North End vs Nottingham Forest)? Or is it wider than that? Thanks again

          • I could definitely get behind that nickname.

            2013-14 Championship average attendance (16,605) is 2.22x higher than the League One average attendance of the same season (7,476).
            2014 NASL average attendance (w/o the inflated MNU data point) is 5,281, which is about 1.7x higher than USL PRO’s 3,114.
            Interestingly, the League One average from that season (7,476) is about 1.72x higher than League Two’s average (4,351).

  19. Overall I find the average attendance for D2 NASL league quite low, particularly as far as FCE are concerned..a city with a metro population of 1.25 million only averaging 3300 per game…and the owners have stated they need 8000 per game to break even…with these numbers I am curious how can these NASL clubs continue to operate and not accumulate huge losses resulting in them folding or relocating. MLS is not much of an improvement over the NASL yet the fad of that league has resulted in higher attendances although in larger cities but not all of them. NASL needs to expand to 24 clubs and set tighter criteria such as minimum season tickets sold, have a salary cap but one not as restrictive as the MLS and hopefully be able to focus more on regional rivalries to increase attendances and interest

    • A lot of people look at Edmonton’s attendance figures without knowing the full story on their situation. FCE plays in a stadium that originally only seated 1,250 but was expanded with temporary stands and bleachers to about 4,250 (not the 5,000 reported by the NASL). Clarke Stadium sits in the shadows of Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium; the 60,000-seat home of the CFL Eskimos (who average around 38,000 a game).

      As a season ticket holder for the past three seasons, I know that Clarke is not the best venue for soccer, although the new turf installed last summer has improved the venue. Clarke has limited parking and the team gets sparse coverage with the local media (compared to the almost constant attention to the CFL Eskimos and NHL Oilers). Those that do attend FCE games are the truest of soccer fans anywhere, standing behind their team through thick or thin,

      Professional soccer in Edmonton has a checkered past and is full of failed franchises and the odd highlight. FCE is the sixth attempt at the pro game in this city and a lot of fans are jaded from earlier failures. The fact that the owners, Tom and David Fath, persevere with the project is testament to their desire to make this team work. A couple years ago, the owners suggested that they may build a new stadium for FCE, however the then-mayor of Edmonton hinted that the city might do the job for them.

      After a change of mayors and mounting costs on the new arena for the NHL Oilers. interest in using more public money for a soccer stadium lost traction and FCE became trapped in this sub-par alternative.

      The need exists in Edmonton for a 8,000 to 10,000-seat soccer venue, currently Clarke Stadium is the second-largest outdoor stadium in the city. FCE’s average of just under 3,300 for the season in 2014 is up from 2,500 in 2013, and given Clarke’s limited capacity, very reasonable. At 77% of capacity, FCE is among the leaders in the NASL. Compare that to Carolina which averaged 4,551 in a soccer-specific stadium with 10,000 seats!

      One of the other problems that FCE faces is that, despite a significant immigrant and first-generation population that follow soccer, many of these people would rather watch Serie A at home than support the local team. The NASL, and domestic soccer in general, is looked down on by these people, yet their support would do wonders for the team.

      As a fan of FCE, I can only hope we have a real stadium of our own someday soon.

  20. Wow, Thank you very much for those numbers on the US and English attendance figures. To add my own 2c, I don’t see that much difference between L1 and L2 there (especially since 3 teams are promoted/relegated from each division at the end of the season). Now I really wish there was promotion/relegation in the US. Maybe the Strikers, Edmonton, etc. could draw more if there was that promotion prize at the end of the season. Maybe even Dayton could draw more if there was that carrot there for them.

    • I’m not sure about the NASL teams you mentioned, but the Dayton Dutch Lions office staff never figured out and rarely tried to figure out how to market the team. That team was started as a developmental function first and foremost (the women’s side is much more successful in its sphere than the men’s); not a very business savvy bunch over there in the oranje.

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