2014 USL-Pro Season Attendance Log

Here are the averages by team for the USL Pro regular season:
The format is Team name (number of home matches): average attendance

Sacramento Republic FC (14):     11293
Rochester Rhinos (14):     5329
Orlando City SC (14):     4743
OKC Energy FC (14):     3784
Charleston Battery (14):     3770
Pittsburgh Riverhounds (14):     2686
Richmond Kickers (14):     2679
Arizona United SC (14):     2395
Wilmington Hammerheads FC (14):     2326
Harrisburg City Islanders (14):     1949
Orange County Blues FC (14):     766
Charlotte Eagles (14):     747
LA Galaxy II (14):     597
Dayton Dutch Lions FC (14):     531

The data format is Time (EST) DateHome team – Away teamAttendance

Asterisks appear when MLS Reserve League teams host USL Pro teams.
Question marks appear when the league has not posted the attendance for that match.

Week 25:
1:00PM Monday, September 1: Montreal Impact Reserves 1-1 Charlotte Eagles, 250 *
10:30PM Monday, September 1: LA Galaxy II 1-1 Richmond Kickers, 408
7:30PM Wednesday, September 3: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 0-0 Orlando City SC, 2184
10:30PM Thursday, September 4: Sacramento Republic FC 1-0 OKC Energy FC, 8000
7:00PM Friday, September 5: Dayton Dutch Lions 0-4 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 630
7:30PM Friday, September 5: Charleston Battery 2-1 Harrisburg City Islanders, 3919
7:00PM Saturday, September 6: Charlotte Eagles 2-4 Harrisburg City Islanders, 627
7:00PM Saturday, September 6: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1-2 Arizona United SC, 2718
7:30PM Saturday, September 6: Orlando City SC 1-0 Richmond Kickers, 4400
10:00PM Saturday, September 6: Orange County Blues FC 0-1 OKC Energy FC, 842
11:00PM Saturday, September 6: Sacramento Republic FC 1-2 LA Galaxy II, 8000
4:05PM Sunday, September 7: Rochester Rhinos 2-0 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 5814

Week 24:
4:00PM Monday, August 25: Seattle Sounders Reserves 5-1 Arizona United SC, ? *
7:00PM Wednesday, August 27: LA Galaxy II 1-0 Real Salt Reserves, 127
10:30PM Wednesday, August 27: Sacramento Republic FC 3-1 Charleston Battery, 8000
7:30PM Thursday, August 28: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 3-1 Orlando City SC, 1784
7:00PM Friday, August 29: Charlotte Eagles 0-1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 550
7:00PM Saturday, August 30: Harrisburg City Islanders 1-4 Rochester Rhinos, 2257
7:30PM Saturday, August 30: Charleston Battery 4-0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 4161
7:30PM Saturday, August 30: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 0-0 Sacramento Republic FC, 2405
10:00PM Saturday, August 30: Orange County Blues FC 1-1 Richmond Kickers, 585
7:30PM Sunday, August 31: Orlando City SC 7-0 Dayton Dutch Lions, 4810

Week 23:
7:00PM Wednesday, August 20: Charlotte Eagles 2-0 Orlando City SC, 498
11:00PM Wednesday, August 20: Sacramento Republic FC 2-0 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 8000
10:30PM Friday, August 22: Arizona United SC 1-0 OKC Energy FC, 3588
7:00PM Saturday, August 23: Richmond Kickers 2-3 Orlando City SC, 3562
7:00PM Saturday, August 23: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-2 Colorado Rapids Reserves, 924
7:05PM Saturday, August 23: Rochester Rhinos 2-2 Harrisburg City Islanders, 4388
10:00PM Saturday, August 23: Orange County Blues FC 1-2 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 722
3:00PM Sunday, August 24: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 3-1 FC Dallas Reserves, 3219
3:00PM Sunday, August 24: LA Galaxy II 3-3 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 423
8:00PM Sunday, August 24: OKC Energy FC 0-2 Charleston Battery, 4722

Week 22:
7:30PM Wednesday, August 13: Charleston Battery 3-2 Orange County Blues, 2988
8:00PM Thursday, August 14: OKC Energy FC 1-2 Arizona United SC, 3438
7:30PM Friday, August 15: Charleston Battery 2-1 Rochester Rhinos, 4011
8:00PM Friday, August 15: NYRB Reserves 1-0 Wilmington Hammerheads, 400 *
7:00PM Saturday, August 16: Richmond Kickers 1-1 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 3504
7:00PM Saturday. August 16: Charlotte Eagles 3-1 Rochester Rhinos, 850
7:30PM Saturday, August 16: Orlando City SC 3-1 Harrisburg City Islanders, 5029
8:00PM Saturday, August 16: OKC Energy FC 0-1 LA Galaxy II, 4089
10:30PM Saturday, August 16: Arizona United SC 3-1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 3408
7:00PM Sunday, August 17: Orange County Blues FC 1-6 Sacramento Republic FC, 753

Week 21:
7:30PM Wednesday, August 6: Harrisburg City Islanders 3-1 New York Red Bulls, 2206
7:00PM Friday, August 8: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1-0 Orange County Blues FC, 2348
7:30PM Friday, August 8: Charleston Battery 2-2 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 3081
6:00PM Saturday, August 9: Harrisburg City Islanders 3-2 Orlando City SC, 2051
7:00PM Saturday, August 9: Richmond Kickers 2-1 Charlotte Eagles, 2549
7:30PM Saturday, August 9: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 1-2 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 2397
10:30PM Saturday, August 9: LA Galaxy II 3-2 Arizona United SC, 535
11:00PM Saturday, August 9: Sacramento Republic FC 2-1 OKC Energy FC, 8000
6:05PM Sunday, August 10: Rochester Rhinos 0-1 Orange County Blues FC, 4657

Week 20:
10:30AM Monday, July 28: Montreal Impact Reserves 0-1 Charleston Battery, 100 *
7:00PM Wednesday, July 30: Harrisburg City Islanders 3-1 LA Galaxy II, 1833
7:30PM Friday, August 1: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 1-3 Richmond Kickers, 2382
7:35PM Friday, August 1: Rochester Rhinos 0-0 Charleston Battery, 4445
7:00PM Saturday, August 2: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 3-1 LA Galaxy II, 2243
7:00PM Saturday, August 2: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 0-1 Harrisburg City Islanders, 396
7:30PM Saturday, August 2: Orlando City SC 4-1 Charlotte Eagles, 5029
8:00PM Saturday, August 2: OKC Energy FC 1-0 Orange County Blues FC, 3351
10:30PM Saturday, August 2: Arizona United SC 1-2 Sacramento Republic FC, 1888

Week 19:
7:30PM Tuesday, July 22: Charleston Battery 1-1 Richmond Kickers, 2214
7:00PM Wednesday, July 23: Harrisburg City Islanders 3-3 OKC Energy, 2312
7:00PM Friday, July 25: Real Salt Lake Reserves 2-5 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, ? *
7:30PM Friday, July 25: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 0-0 Arizona United SC, 3240
7:00PM Saturday, July 26: Charlotte Eagles 2-0 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 933
7:00PM Saturday, July 26: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 0-3 OKC Energy FC, 437
7:00PM Saturday, July 26: Richmond Kickers 2-1 Harrisburg City Islanders, 2788
7:30PM Saturday, July 26: Charleston Battery 2-0 Arizona United SC, 4464
10:00PM Saturday, July 26: Orange County Blues FC 0-4 LA Galaxy II, 1226
4:05PM Sunday, July 27: Rochester Rhinos 1-0 Orlando City SC, 8378
10:00PM Sunday, July 27: Sacramento Republic FC 5-0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 8000

Week 18:
7:00PM Monday, July 14: Charlotte Eagles 0-1 Sacramento Republic FC, 647
7:00PM Thursday, July 17: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 2-0 Charlotte Eagles, 2352
8:00PM Thursday, July 17: OKC Energy FC 1-1 Arizona United SC, 2813
10:30PM Thursday, July 17: Sacramento Republic FC 0-0 Orlando City SC, 8000
7:00PM Friday, July 18: Harrisburg City Islanders 0-0 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 2518
7:00PM Saturday, July 19: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-2 Charlotte Eagles, 520
7:00PM Saturday, July 19: Richmond Kickers 4-0 Charleston Battery, 2901
7:05PM Saturday, July 19: Rochester Rhinos 0-1 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 4752
8:00PM Saturday, July 19: OKC Energy FC 0-1 LA Galaxy II, 4102
10:30PM Saturday, July 19: Arizona United SC 3-0 Orange County Blues FC, 2238

Week 17:
11:00PM Monday, July 7: Sacramento Republic FC 2-1 Orange County Blues FC, 8000
7:35PM Friday, July 11: Rochester Rhinos 3-0 FC Dallas Reserves, 4007
7:00PM Saturday, July 12: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-3 Harrisburg City Islanders, 334
7:00PM Saturday, July 12: Richmond Kickers 2-1 Sacramento Republic FC, 2135
7:30PM Saturday, July 12: Charleston Battery 0-0 Charlotte Eagles, 4698
7:30PM Saturday, July 12: Orlando City SC 2-0 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 4919
8:00PM Saturday, July 12: OKC Energy FC 2-0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 3619
10:00PM Saturday, July 12: Orange County Blues FC 1-2 Arizona United SC, 586

Week 16:
7:00PM Wednesday, July 2: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-2 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 363
7:00PM Friday, July 4: LA Galaxy II 4-2 Arizona United SC, 415
7:00PM Friday, July 4: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 2-0 Rochester Rhinos, 3519
6:00PM Saturday, July 5: Harrisburg City Islanders 4-1 Charleston Battery, 2033
8:00PM Saturday, July 5: Charlotte Eagles 1-3 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 700
5:00PM Sunday, July 6: Richmond Kickers 0-0 Real Salt Lake Reserves, 2638

Week 15:
10:30PM Thursday, June 26: Sacramento Republic FC 1-0 Arizona United SC, 8000
7:00PM Friday, June 27: Harrisburg City Islanders 1-1 Charlotte Eagles, 1835
7:00PM Saturday, June 28: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 0-1 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 2457
7:05PM Saturday, June 28: Rochester Rhinos 0-1 Charlotte Eagles, 6179
7:30PM Saturday, June 28: Orlando City SC 3-0 LA Galaxy II, 5029
7:30PM Saturday, June 28: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 1-1 Richmond Kickers, 2021
8:00PM Saturday, June 28: OKC Energy FC 2-0 Sacramento Republic FC, 3643
10:00PM Saturday, June 28: Arizona United SC 2-3 Orange County Blues FC, 1839

Week 14:
4:00PM Friday, June 20: Montreal Impact Reserves 1-0 Harrisburg City Islanders, ? *
7:35PM Friday, June 20: Rochester Rhinos 2-0 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 5453
10:30PM Friday, June 20: Sacramento Republic FC 4-3 Colorado Rapids Reserves, 8000
7:00PM Saturday, June 21: Charlotte Eagles 3-1 Charleston Battery, 698
7:30PM Saturday, June 21: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 2-2 Chicago Fire Reserves, 1757
10:00PM Saturday, June 21: Orange County Blues FC 2-1 Chivas USA Reserves, 942
10:00PM Saturday, June 21: Arizona United SC 1-1 LA Galaxy II, 1808
3:00PM Sunday, June 22: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1-3 Richmond Kickers, 2644
3:00PM Sunday, June 22: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 0-2 Orlando City SC, 275
8:00PM Sunday, June 22: OKC Energy FC 0-0 Rochester Rhinos, 3405

Week 13:
7:00PM Wednesday, June 11: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1-3 Harrisburg City Islanders, 2005
7:30PM Wednesday, June 11: Orlando City SC 4-1 Orange County Blues FC, 4206
10:00PM Wednesday, June 11: Arizona United SC 1-2 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 1547
10:30PM Wednesday, June 11: LA Galaxy II 1-2 Rochester Rhinos, 561
8:00PM Friday, June 13: Charlotte Eagles 0-1 Orange County Blues FC, 738
7:00PM Saturday, June 14: Harrisburg City Islanders 0-0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 1780
7:00PM Saturday, June 14: Richmond Kickers 2-2 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 2010
7:30PM Saturday, June 14: Charleston Battery 3-0 LA Galaxy II, 3377
8:00PM Saturday, June 14: OKC Energy FC 2-0 Sacramento Republic FC, 4010
10:00PM Saturday, June 14: Arizona United SC 1-0 Rochester Rhinos, 1482

Week 12:
7:30PM Friday, June 6: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 2-2 OKC Energy FC, 2164
7:00PM Saturday, June 7: Charlotte Eagles 1-1 OKC Energy FC, 556
7:00PM Saturday, June 7: Richmond Kickers 1-0 Harrisburg City Islanders, 2333
7:05PM Saturday, June 7: Rochester Rhinos 2-3 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 5081
7:30PM Saturday, June 7: Orlando City SC 2-1 Montreal Impact Reserves, 4612
10:00PM Saturday, June 7: Orange County Blues FC 4-3 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 706
10:30PM Saturday, June 7: Sacramento Republic FC 1-1 Arizona United SC, 20231
11:00PM Sunday, June 8: LA Galaxy II 5-1 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 850

Week 11:
7:35PM Friday, May 30: Rochester Rhinos 0-0 Richmond Kickers, 5126
7:00PM Saturday, May 31: Charlotte Eagles 1-2 Wilmington Hammerheads, 1092
7:00PM Saturday, May 31: Harrisburg City Islanders 2-3 Richmond Kickers, 2233
7:30PM Saturday, May 31: Orlando City SC 2-0 Charleston Battery, 4987
8:00PM Saturday, May 31: OKC Energy FC 1-0 New York Red Bulls Reserves, 3777
10:00PM Saturday, May 31: Orange County Blues FC – Arizona United SC, 538
4:00PM Sunday, June 1: Seattle Sounders FC Reserves 0-1 LA Galaxy II, ? *
6:00PM Sunday, June 1: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1-1 Harrisburg City Islanders, 2756
7:00PM Sunday, June 1: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 0-1 Rochester Rhinos, 456

Week 10:
7:30PM Wednesday, May 21: Orlando City SC 3-1 Charlotte Eagles, 4219
7:30PM Friday, May 23: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 5-1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 2074
7:3PM Friday, May 23: Rochester Rhinos 0-1 Sacramento Republic FC, 4508
7:00PM Saturday, May 24: Richmond Kickers 2-0 Charlotte Eagles, 2677
7:30PM Saturday, May 24: Charleston Battery 1-0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 5415
10:00PM Saturday, May 24: Arizona United SC 0-4 Chivas USA Reserves, 2211
7:00PM Sunday, May 25: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-2 Sacramento Republic FC, 527
11:00PM Sunday, May 25: LA Galaxy II 5-0 OKC Energy FC, 738

Week 9:
8:00PM Friday, May 16: OKC Energy FC 1-4 Richmond Kickers, 3916
2:00PM Saturday, May 17: Harrisburg City Islanders 5-3 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 1417
7:00PM Saturday, May 17: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 0-1 Rochester Rhinos, 2705
7:30PM Saturday, May 17: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 1-0 Charleston Battery, 2315
10:00PM Saturday, May 17: Arizona United SC 0-1 Orlando City SC, 2044
10:30PM Saturday, May 17: Sacramento Republic FC 2-1 LA Galaxy II, 20231
4:00PM Sunday, May 18: Seattle Sounders FC Reserves – Orange County Blues FC, ? *
5:30PM Sunday, May 18: Chicago Fire Reserves – Richmond Kickers, ? *

Week 8:
10:30PM Monday, May 5: LA Galaxy II 2-1 Charlotte Eagles, 410
10:30PM Thursday, May 8: Orange County Blues FC 0-2 Charlotte Eagles, 431
7:00PM Friday, May 9: Richmond Kickers 4-0 Arizona United SC, 2188
7:00PM Friday, May 9: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 0-1 Orlando City SC, 2485
7:00PM Saturday, May 10: Harrisburg City Islanders 0-1 Arizona United SC, 1657
7:00PM Saturday, May 10: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-1 LA Galaxy II, 831
7:05PM Saturday, May 10: Rochester Rhinos 1-1 Orlando City SC, 5457
7:30PM Saturday, May 10: Charleston Battery 0-1 Wilmington Hammerheads FC, 4487
8:00PM Saturday, May 10: OKC Energy FC 0-1 Orange County Blues FC, 3860

Week 7:
7:00PM Friday, May 2: Harrisburg City Islanders 0-4 Charleston Battery, 1446
7:00PM Friday, May 2: Richmond Kickers 1-1 Rochester Rhinos, 2193
7:30PM Saturday, May 3: Wilmington Hammerheads FC 0-0 Rochester Rhinos, 1948
10:00PM Saturday, May 3: Arizona United SC 2-1 Charlotte Eagles, 2755
10:30PM Saturday, May 3: Sacramento Republic FC 2-1 Orange County Blues FC, 17414
7:00PM Sunday, May 4: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 0-2 Charleston Battery, 213
7:30PM Sunday, May 4: Orlando City SC 3-1 OKC Energy FC, 4532

Week 6:
12:00PM Monday, April 21: Chicago Fire Reserves 0-2 Rochester Rhinos, ? *
8:00PM Tuesday, April 22: FC Dallas Reserves 2-3 Orlando City, 375 *
10:30PM Thursday, April 24: Orange County Blues FC 4-1 Harrisburg City Islanders, 616
7:00PM Friday, April 25: Charlotte Eagles 2-3 Chicago Fire Reserves, 1261
10:00PM Friday, April 25: Arizona United 1-1 LA Galaxy II, 2818
6:00PM Saturday, April 26: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 0-0 Charleston Battery, 2253
7:00PM Saturday, April 26: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-5 Richmond Kickers, 523
7:30PM Saturday, April 26: Wilmington Hammerheads 0-2 Charlotte Eagles, 2634
8:00PM Saturday, April 26: OKC Energy FC 1-2 Orlando City, 4230
10:30PM Saturday, April 26: Sacramento Republic FC 1-2 Harrisburg City Islanders, 20231
4:05PM Sunday, April 27: Rochester Rhinos 1-0 Charleston Battery, 6358
7:00PM Sunday, April 27: Orange County Blues FC – LA Galaxy II, 913

Week 5:
8:00PM Tuesday, April 15: FC Dallas Reserves 1-0 OKC Energy FC, 341 *
7:30PM Friday, April 18: Charleston Battery 1-1 New York Red Bulls Reserves, 2674
5:00PM Saturday, April 19: Richmond Kickers 2-2 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 2523
7:00PM Saturday, April 19: Harrisburg City Islanders 0-1 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 1711
10:00PM Saturday, April 19: Arizona United SC 2-1 Sacramento Republic FC, 3014
10:30PM Saturday, April 19: LA Galaxy II 3-1 Orange County Blues FC, 435

Week 4:
2:00PM Monday, April 7: Chivas USA Reserves 1-3 Sacramento Republic, ? *
10:30PM Monday, April 7: LA Galaxy II 4-2 OKC Energy FC, 525
7:00PM Friday, April 11: Dayton Dutch Lions FC 1-1 Rochester Rhinos, 1026
7:00PM Saturday, April 12: Pittsburgh Riverhounds 3-4 Wilmington Hammerheads, 3902
7:00PM Saturday, April 12: Charlotte Eagles 2-1 Richmond Kickers, 712
7:30PM Saturday, April 12: Orlando City SC 1-0 Charleston Battery, 4826
10:00PM Saturday, April 12: Orange County Blues FC 2-1 Sacramento Republic FC, 638
10:10PM  Saturday, April 12: Arizona United SC 0-4 OKC Energy FC, 2888
6:00PM Sunday, April 13: LA Galaxy II 0-3 Sacramento Republic FC, 588

Week 3:
7:00PM Friday, April 4: Charlotte Eagles 0-1 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, 591
5:00PM Saturday, April 5: Richmond Kickers 3-1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 3507
7:30PM Saturday, April 5: Wilmington Hammerheads 0-0 Harrisburg City Islanders, 3256
7:30PM Saturday, April 5: Orlando City SC 3-1 Rochester Rhinos, 4776
10:00PM Saturday, April 5: Orange County Blues FC 0-2 OKC Energy FC, 1221

Week 2:
7:30PM Saturday, March 29: Charleston Battery 2-2 Richmond Kickers, 3524
7:30PM Saturday, March 29: Orlando City SC 1-1 Pittsburgh Riverhounds, 5028
10:30PM Saturday, March 29: LA Galaxy II 1-1 Sacramento Republic FC, 1085
6:00PM Sunday, March 30: New York Red Bulls Reserves 3-0 Dayton Dutch Lions FC, ? *

Week 1:
7:30PM Saturday, March 22: Charleston Battery 1-1 Orlando City SC, 3773
10:30PM Saturday, March 22: LA Galaxy II 3-1 Orange County Blues FC, 1259

34 thoughts on “2014 USL-Pro Season Attendance Log

  1. If one were to look only at attendance figures, it’s easy to conclude that the NASL is way ahead of USL Pro. After Orlando leaves, It would seem that the logical choice for some the USL Pro teams would be to “promote” themselves to NASL. Teams like Rochester, for sure. Maybe even Sacramento once they are established.

    • With the partnership that USL Pro has with MLS I don’t see any teams from Pro going to the NASL. Heck the NASL is going into markets where the USL Pro is, see OKC. In a related note USL Pro is going to expand like crazy to accommodate the partnership with MLS next year. Colorado Springs, Tulsa, Detroit, the Red Bulls Reserves are all expected to be in the USL Pro next year and I’ve heard rumors about Louisville and El Paso getting teams as well.

    • It’s an interesting discussion for sure. I think as fans there is a strong inclination to maybe read more into the divisional distinctions than there really is. The most significant difference between the two leagues is the financial assurances that owners in the NASL must give.

      There is also a tendency for soccer fans (myself included) to want things to “shake out” and for clubs to express their ambition in some tangible way. That would mean clubs “self-promoting” up a division, joining the Development Academy, or spending on notable talent.

      With MLS providing 4 (give or take) players for a USL Pro team’s roster and the relative rise in operating costs in the NASL, it doesn’t make business sense to join that league. While the shift “fits” theoretically with a meritocratic hierarchy, it’s unrealistic.

      • I agree that, in terms of the talent, there is not a discernible difference at the moment. However, playing on the road against teams drawing 800 fans has got to feel strange when you’re used to playing in front of a home crowd of 5,000 or more. Currently, the NASL teams, on average, seem to appear more legit from a fan base perspective. However, economics will dictate the success of NASL in differentiating itself in the long run. If the owners/league can’t earn a profit, then it won’t last. I have no idea if the clubs are profitable, or not.

        • I have watched a few games in both the NASL and USLpro leagues and I am seeing quite a difference in NASL play being noticeably better. The only exception is Orlando City, which is looking ready to be in MLS. Really surprised that OKC is not doing better in terms of winning, but am impressed with SacRep and what they have put together in terms of support and interest.

    • Why would it be logical to lose more money?

      First off, contractually, it’s nigh on impossible.

      Secondly, except for Sacramento, most USL Pro teams would struggle with what it costs to be a Division II team.

      Thirdly, there are USSF ownership capitalization requirements most USL Pro organizations would struggle to meet.

      Fourthly, Rochester was a second division club and initially threw in with the NASL folks before jumping back to USL.

      So, no, it would not be “logical” for some USL Pro teams – definitely not Rochester – to “promote themselves.”

      Pay attention. Seriously.

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  14. There has been a slight, but noticeable increase for several of the teams since the World Cup. Good to see the upward trend!

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  16. Very happy to see some new energy behind pro soccer in Charlotte! I’m hoping that the local soccer community will get behind this team and build something, even if the MLS “goal” is not achieved. Unless MLS decides to expand in a big way (like NFL size, or MLS-2), Soccer fans in many cities will have to accept supporting a USL or NASL side.

    The trend of MLS clubs starting their own USL teams is interesting, but I’m not sure this is good for USL, as these teams will not be selling a lot of tickets. I can see some advantages, but I’d predict that over time, assuming continued growth in the US in fan support, TV revenue, and overall economics, that the more successful USL teams may not enjoy playing in the MLS reserve league, and move up to NASL if the MLS dream is not a reality.

    • I agree that I do not know if MLS reserve teams are good for USL, but I do think it is good for MLS as it helps develop talent with MLS standards.
      For me, I do not really understand the vision for USL. It has a team or two that really make a strong push to go MLS, then it has teams that are very mid-tier and will never go MLS, which is fine, and then it has teams that really should be in a lower league like Dayton and Orange County.
      Maybe USL is just in the process of establishing itself as a solid third tier, but it just takes time. They sure did add a bunch of teams this past season. Hopefully the teams that actually produce some decent fan support and help grow the sport. It does, however, look like a very fast land grab in order to claim cities away from NASL.

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    • Yeah, I saw that RSL posted an attendance for that one but I decided not to post any data for games hosted by MLS Reserve League teams. Thanks for digging that up, though.

      I don’t think they relate to USL PRO in any meaningful way, similar to how international friendly attendances don’t reflect fervor for MLS teams in those markets. What do you think, Jim?

      • I really only pursue it for completeness, but it would seem to have had enough impetus to create another D3 team. For the 2015 season anyway.

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