A Quick Response to First Eleven Podcast: Episode 14

This is going to be brief because I was already thoroughly mean about a previous episode of the podcast, which I do enjoy listening to and encourage anyone who reads this to do as well.


So apparently the guys at First Eleven are running with the “we’re just gonna make stuff up on air” thing?

With regard to the LA Galaxy II, Evan is just factually wrong.

This is way too good to pass up. Right after co-host Evan makes a flippant comment joking about not checking facts or doing research, he says a bunch of half-true stuff and then completely makes something up.

Portland Timbers do have a long-standing PDL team that began play in 2009 while the senior Timbers were still playing in USL. Vancouver Whitecaps had a reserve team first that played in the regional Pacific Coast Soccer League initially but still joined PDL before Portland. Chicago Fire has had a team in the PDL since 2001, in addition to another affiliated team in NPSL established in 2008. New York Red Bulls have had a team in the NPSL since 2010.

Almost all MLS academy graduates go to college; NCAA soccer does still exist. MLS Homegrown claims on academy graduates carry over while a player is in college and playing for unaffiliated PDL teams in the summer.

“Everyone that is playing for LA Galaxy II will be a signed player by the LA Galaxy and have the opportunity to move up the pipeline.”


The players on USL contracts playing with LA Galaxy II will have no special mechanism to “move up” to the first team. Any MLS team, including the Galaxy itself, would have to file a discovery claim on any player signed to a USL contract by LA Galaxy II. This is the same process for any player signed to a USL contract by any team in USL-Pro.


So is the joke on me if a host made a joke about not doing research before saying something that he just made up?


Let me know what you think...

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