2014 USL Pro Attendance Update: Week 19

Here is the basic list that will satisfy most fans of American soccer and American soccer numbers. Right here at the top of the post I have listed out each of the clubs in USL Pro in terms of average announced home attendances over the course of the season (through week 19). After each team name in parentheses is the number of home games followed by a colon and the average attendance figure. Go nuts.

1. Sacramento Republic FC (9):     13123
2. Rochester Rhinos (10):     5530
3. Orlando City SC (10):     4713
4. Charleston Battery (9):     3847
5. OKC Energy FC (10):     3738
6. Pittsburgh Riverhounds (10):     2708
7. Richmond Kickers (11):     2536
8. Wilmington Hammerheads FC (9):     2379
9. Arizona United SC (11):     2240
10. Harrisburg City Islanders (10):     1894
11. Charlotte Eagles (10):     793
12. Orange County Blues FC (10):     782
13. LA Galaxy II (10):     687
14. Dayton Dutch Lions (11):     499

The league’s total attendance through week 19 is 440,605

The league wide average attendance (buoyed at the top by Sacramento’s early-season matches at Hughes Stadium) is 3147.18.

The median team average is 2459, the average between Richmond Kickers and Wilmington Hammerheads FC, though this number doesn’t really tell us too much while each team has hosted a different number of games during the season.

The average of team averages above the median is 5171, that is the mean of team averages for teams above the median is 5171.
The per game average of all of the games hosted by the 7 teams above the median is 5036.41

The average of team averages below the median is 1325.
The per game average of the 7 teams below the median is 1311.17.

Again, the league’s total attendance through 19 weeks is 440,605.
Over 140 matches, the league has a per game average of 3147.18.

Without Sacramento Republic FC home matches included, the total league attendance drops by 118,107 to a less impressive 322,498.
With no Sacramento, the league wide per game average falls to 2461.82, a decrease of 685.

The league’s highest attendances are Sacramento’s three sell-outs at Hughes Stadium against Harrisburg City Islanders, LA Galaxy II, and Arizona United SC: 20,231.

The league’s lowest attendance is Dayton’s match against Orlando City on June, 22 which only drew an announced attendance of 275.

Sacramento’s sell-out is nearly 74 times larger (73.57) than Dayton’s lowest draw.


Anything else y’all think is noteworthy?
Any of figures I should keep track of in addition to the ones listed above?