2013 Lower Division Attendances

Here you can find attendance information based on official announced gates from teams and leagues. I’m not going to investigate how much figure inflation or ticket giveaways factor into these numbers, I’m just going to take the teams at their word.

I did similar things with attendance figures last season, you can click here and look at those. This year I’m going to try to do more fun, informative, and perhaps visual comparisons for the 2013 USL-Pro and NASL seasons.

Here is a link to the 2013 USL-Pro data if you couldn’t find it in the navigation bar at the top of the site. This is the link for the 2013 NASL data.

USL-Pro Numbers:
As of Monday, August 19, USL-Pro’s average team attendances in order are:
[Team (number of home games): Average attendance]

Orlando (14): 8053
Rochester (13): 5840 *
Charleston (14): 3554
Pittsburgh (14): 3316
Wilmington (14): 3162
Richmond (14): 2527
Phoenix (14): 1532
Harrisburg (14): 1456
Charlotte (14): 807
Dayton (13): 737 *
Los Angeles (11): 542 ***
VSI Tampa Bay (13): 381 *

* Missing match data from each team


NASL Numbers:
As of Monday, October 28, NASL’s average team attendances in order are:
[Team (number of home games): Average attendance]

Fall Season (Clausura):

New York Cosmos (7): 6859
San Antonio Scorpions (7): 6763
Carolina Railhawks (7): 4708
Atlanta Silverbacks (7): 4364
Fort Lauderdale Strikers (7): 4224
Tampa Bay Rowdies (7): 4051
Minnesota United FC (7): 3679
FC Edmonton (7): 2760


Spring Season (Apertura):

San Antonio (6): 7140
Minnesota (5): 5255 *
Atlanta (6): 5042
Carolina (6): 4707
Fort Lauderdale (6): 4314
Tampa Bay (6): 4037
Edmonton (6): 2059

*Missing match data from team

Some Analysis:
Overall there are some solid numbers coming from the top five or six teams in each league. 
Just as last year, Orlando City and San Antonio Scorpions are impressing all with the turnout from their fans. New York Cosmos celebrated their return to the field with more than 11,000 fans but their gate was nearly halved this past weekend.

USL-Pro clubs VSI Tampa Bay FC, Los Angeles Blues, Dayton Dutch Lions, and Charlotte Eagles all averaged below 1000 and I don’t have to tell you that is embarrassing for a league that claims to be the “strongest, best operated and most experienced North American men’s professional soccer league below MLS, both on and off the field.” Nearly 25 PDL teams outdrew VSI Tampa Bay’s average of 381.

It will be interesting to see if the NY Cosmos can maintain their league-leading attendance numbers and whether the other teams around NASL will experience a ticket bubble when the Cosmos come to town.

Let me know what you think...

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