2013 NASL Attendance Logs

Team (number of home games): Average attendance

Fall Season (Clausura)

New York Cosmos (7): 6859
San Antonio Scorpions (7): 6763
Carolina Railhawks (7): 4708
Atlanta Silverbacks (7): 4364
Fort Lauderdale Strikers (7): 4224
Tampa Bay Rowdies (7): 4051
Minnesota United FC (7): 3679
FC Edmonton (7): 2760

The data format is Time (EST) DateHome team – Away teamAttendance

Week 1:
7:00PM Saturday, August 3: Carolina Railhawks 1-0 FC Edmonton, 4488
7:00PM Saturday, August 3: New York Cosmos 2-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 11929
8:00PM Saturday, August 3: Minnesota United FC 0-1 Altanta Silverbacks, 5884
8:30PM Saturday, August 3: San Antonio Scorpions 7-4 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 7651

Week 2:
7:30PM Saturday, August 10: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-1 Carolina RailHawks, 4767
7:30PM Saturday, August 10: Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-0 New York Cosmos, 7032
7:30PM Saturday, August 10: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-3 Minnesota United FC, 3295
4:00PM Sunday, August 11: FC Edmonton 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 1745

Week 3:
7:00PM Saturday, August 17: Carolina RailHawks 3-0 New York Cosmos, 4096
8:00PM Saturday, August 17: Minnesota United FC 1-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 5634
8:30PM Saturday, August 17: San Antonio Scorpions 1-2 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 6105
4:00PM Sunday, August 18: FC Edmonton 1-1 Atlanta Silverbacks, 2353

Week 4:
7:00PM Saturday, August 24: Carolina RailHawks 1-0 Minnesota United FC, 5201
7:00PM Saturday, August 24: New York Cosmos 2 – 1 San Antonio Scorpions, 6852
7:30PM Saturday, August 24: Atlanta Silverbacks 0 – 1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3822
7:30PM Saturday, August 24: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1 – 1 FC Edmonton, 3118

Week 5:
7:30PM Friday, August 30: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-0 Carolina Railhawks, 3236
7:30PM Saturday, August 31: Atlanta Silverbacks 1 – 1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 3202
8:30PM Saturday, August 31: San Antonio Scorpions 2 – 3 Minnesota United FC, 5886
4:00PM Sunday, September 1: FC Edmonton 1 – 1 New York Cosmos, 3180

Week 6:
7:00PM Saturday, September 7: New York Cosmos – Atlanta Silverbacks, 5598
7:00PM Saturday, September 7: Minnesota United FC – FC Edmonton, 3874
7:30PM Saturday, September 7: Tampa Bay Rowdies – Carolina Railhawks, 3227
7:30PM Saturday, September 7: Fort Lauderdale – San Antonio Scorpions, 3467

Week 7:
7:00PM Saturday, September 14: Carolina Railhawks 2 – 2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4753
7:00PM Saturday, September 14: New York Cosmos 1 – 0 Minnesota United FC, 6081
7:30PM Saturday, September 14: Atlanta Silverbacks 2 – 1 San Antonio Scorpions, 3754
4:00PM Sunday, September 15: FC Edmonton –
 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 2316

Week 8:
7:30PM Saturday, September 21: Tampa Bay Rowdies 3 – 1 Atlanta Silverbacks, 3571
7:30PM Saturday, September 21: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 0 – 2 New York Cosmos, 7653
8:30PM Saturday, September 21: San Antonio Scorpions 2 – 1 Carolina RailHawks, 6488
4:00PM Sunday, September 22: FC Edmonton – Minnesota United, 3143

Week 9:
3:30PM Saturday, September 28: Minnesota United FC 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 2028
7:00PM Saturday, September 28: Carolina RailHawks 2-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 4215
7:30PM Saturday, September 28: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-0 FC Edmonton, 5000
5:00PM Sunday, September 29: New York Cosmos 4-3 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 6518

Week 10:
7:30PM Saturday, October 5: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 3612
8:00PM Saturday, October 5: Minnesota United FC 0-1 New York Cosmos, 3629
8:30PM Saturday, October 5: San Antonio Scorpions 1-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 6570
4:00PM Sunday, October 6: FC Edmonton 2-1 Carolina RailHawks, 2523

Week 11:
7:00PM Saturday, October 12: New York Cosmos 4-0 Carolina RailHawks, 5409
7:30PM Saturday, October 12: 
Atlanta Silverbacks 3-1 Minnesota United FC, 5000
7:30PM Saturday, October 12: Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3854
2:30PM Sunday, October 13: 
San Antonio Scorpions 1-0 FC Edmonton, 6938

Week 12:
3:30PM Saturday, October 19: Minnesota United FC 0-1 Carolina RailHawks, 2232
7:30PM Saturday, October 19: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 6-2 Atlanta Silverbacks, 4091
7:30PM Saturday, October 19: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 3237
4:00PM Sunday, October 20: New York Cosmos 1-1 FC Edmonton, 5624

Week 13
7:00PM Saturday, October 26: Carolina RailHawks 4-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 4189
7:00PM Saturday, October 26: Minnesota United FC 3-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 2475
8:30PM Saturday, October 26: San Antonio Scorpions 1-2 New York Cosmos, 7702
4:00PM Sunday, October 27: FC Edmonton 2-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4061

Week 14:
7:30PM Saturday, November 2: Atlanta Silverbacks vs New York Cosmos, 5000
7:30PM Saturday, November 2: Carolina RailHawks vs San Antonio Scorpions, 6015
7:30PM Saturday, November 2: Fort Lauderdale Strikers vs FC Edmonton, 4215
7:30PM Saturday, November 2: Tampa Bay Rowdies vs Minnesota United FC, 4319


Spring Season (Apertura)

San Antonio (6): 7140
Minnesota (5): 5255 *
Atlanta (6): 5042
Carolina (6): 4707
Fort Lauderdale (6): 4314
Tampa Bay (6): 4037
Edmonton (6): 2059

*Missing match data from team

The data format is Time (EST) Date: Home teamAway team, Attendance

Week 1:
7:30PM Saturday, April 6: Tampa Bay Rowdies 0-0 Carolina Railhawks, 4232
7:30PM Saturday, April 6: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-1 FC Edmonton, 5201
8:00PM Saturday, April 6: Minnesota United FC 0-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 6754

Week 2:
7:00PM Saturday, April 13: Carolina Railhawks 2-1 FC Edmonton, 5033
7:30PM Saturday, April 13: Atlanta Silverbacks 2-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 5402
8:00PM Saturday, April 13: San Antonio 0-2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 8177

Week 3:
3:30PM Saturday, April 20: Minnesota United 2-0 FC Edmonton, 4135
7:00PM Saturday, April 20: Carolina Railhawks 3-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 3761
7:30PM Saturday, April 20: Tampa Bay Rowdies 3-4 Atlanta Silverbacks, 3575

Week 4:
7:30PM Saturday, April 27: Atlanta Silverbacks 2-3 Minnesota United FC, 5000
7:30PM Saturday, April 27: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4563
4:00PM Sunday, April 28: FC Edmonton 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 921

Week 5:
7:30PM Saturday, May 4: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1-1 FC Edmonton, 3412
8:00PM Saturday, May 4: Minnesota United 2-2 Carolina Railhawks, 4825
8:30PM Saturday, May 4: San Antonio 2-2 Atlanta Silverbacks, 7053

Week 6:
7:00PM Saturday, May 11: Carolina Railhawks 5-2 San Antonio Scorpions, 6708
7:30PM Saturday, May 11: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2-1 Minnesota United, 4323
4:00PM Sunday, May 12: FC Edmonton 3-0 Atlanta Silverbacks, 1161

Week 7:
3:30PM Saturday, May 18: Minnesota United 2-3 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4053
7:30PM Saturday, May 18: Atlanta Silverbacks 2-0 Carolina Railhawks, 4716
8:30PM Saturday, May 18: San Antonio Scorpions 3-1 Fort Laurderdale Strikers, 6889

Week 8:
7:30PM Saturday, May 25: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions, 4421
7:30PM Saturday, May 25: Tampa Bay Rowdies 2-3 Minnesota United, 3372
4:00PM Sunday, May 26: FC Edmonton 0-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 2387

Week 9:
7:30PM Saturday, June 1: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-1 Carolina Railhawks, 4047
8:30PM Saturday, June 1: San Antonio Scorpions 2-0 Minnesota United, 6763
4:00PM Sunday, June 2: FC Edmonton 0-0 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2190

Week 10:
7:00PM Saturday, June 8: Carolina Railhawks 2-1 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 4086
7:30PM Saturday, June 8: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-1 FC Edmonton, 5000
8:00PM Saturday, June 8: Minnesota United FC 2-1 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, N/A

Week 11:
7:30PM Saturday, June 15: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 0-1 Atlanta Silverbacks, 4463
7:30PM Saturday, June 15: Tampa Bay Rowdies 1-2 San Antonio Scorpions, 4595
4:00PM Sunday, June 16: FC Edmonton 1-1 Carolina Railhawks, 3474

Week 12:
7:00PM Saturday, June 22: Carolina Railhawks 3-2 Minnesota United FC, 3350
7:30PM Saturday, June 22: Atlanta Silverbacks 1-2 Tampa Bay Rowdies, 5711
8:30PM Saturday, June 22: San Antonio Scorpions 2-1 FC Edmonton, 6489

Week 13:
7:00PM Saturday, June 29: Carolina Railhawks 1-1 Atlanta Silverbacks, 5304
7:30PM Saturday, June 29: Fort Lauderdale Strikers 1-4 San Antonio Scorpions, 3285
4:00PM Sunday, June 30: FC Edmonton 3-1 Minnesota United FC, 2223

Week 14:
6:30PM Thursday, July 4: Tampa Bay Rowdies 4-0 Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 5034
8:00PM Thursday, July 4: Minnesota United FC 0-3 Atlanta Silverbacks, 6507
8:30PM Thursday, July 4: San Antonio Scorpions 2-0 Carolina Railhawks, 7467

27 thoughts on “2013 NASL Attendance Logs

  1. Amazing who Atlanta can get more fans for every game than there stadium will ever hold! They are doing no one any favours by lying about their HUGE crowds not.!Just take look at any UStream Atlanta game & try & figure who is a real person & who is a painted seat..OK they want to sell fair enough but to claim crowds 66% higher than they get is going to screw NASL/ How many will they claim showed up to watch the Cosmos? Fort Lauderdale could claim 20,000 & it 10,000 total liewould be legit they actually have the capacity. Cosmos can call 13.000 no doubt Atlanta claim more than 4,000

    • Atlanta front office guys are great had a fine chin wag with them at Lockhart yesterday.They are embarrassed by their own fans Ultras .Bunch of punks who think they are hooligans. The REAL supporters groups are great friggin asshole kids think Millwall rool! Same as the worse end of Ralphs mob at Tampa Yuppie college kids who missed the education

      • Atlanta front office is partially to blame in my opinion. Have the Ultras crossed the line on occasion? Sure. But when the front office does such a poor job of drawing the line, they should share the blame. There are maybe 2 or 3 security people in the entire stadium and they let all the kids play on the field once the players leave but god forbid one Ultra celebrates a victory by jogging down the sideline in front of the stands with a flag. A cop tries to take matters into his own hands and tries to arrest the guy, angering a bunch of Ultras. Just one of many mishandled in stadium occurrences by Silverbacks front office and security. I would like to see the Atlanta staff create a set of guidelines and stand by it, not let the Ultras run wild and then try and punish them for acting like a bull in a China shop.

    • These numbers have little to do with “crowds”.

      These numbers are the announced ticket sales for each game. That is how attendance is calculated in every sport and includes any giveaways.

    • As an Atlanta fan, my guess is that the Atlanta front office is aware of this and sells single game tickets on top of season tickets that they know wont show up. Additionally, with their restaurant/concession set up in the north goal area, the south goal area where hundreds of kids running around, and the number fans who take advantage of the standing room in the walkways, more fans are actually there than the seats might indicate. They inflate their numbers about as much as anyone else at the end of the day.

  2. After all the monies Fath has put into FCE their attendance numbers are embarassing…the city are not warming up to semi pro football. They only drew 2800 for their match with Vancouver. I cannot see why Fath would continue to lose millions on a club that one cannot win or keep a lead and more importantly on a city that proves again unless you win everything , will not support you with bums in the stands….Edmonton, I am extremely disappointed ..you support a horrible Oilers club…a mediocre 2skies(over the last 15 years they suck) yet ignore a far more affordable, growing ever more popular sport…one million people and they averga just under 1700 per game..Clarke should be sold out…pathetic…

  3. Attendace at non-regular season games is often higher. The Carolina Railhawks have played the LA Galaxy, Chivas USA, Pumas, and are playing Puebla this year. Those games have crowds more in the 6,000 – 8,000 range.

    • The 8121 draw for the cup game against LA Galaxy shows that their is more potential in the market. I tried to compile attendance data for all cup games this year but can only find data for a fraction (even teams with MLS teams).

      Preseason matches are fun but are often lower prices (if not free) and don’t really reflect much on the strength or health of the team, let alone the league.

      I’m still kind of surprised Carolina has not gotten higher gates, especially with their results on the field.

      • Thanks for compiling this data!
        I hear you about the RailHawks attendance — I’m working to get the word out! Seems out Town (who own’s the stadium) isn’t interested in promoting our team (despite the fact that they do promote the music venue on the other side of town.) Your data is helping me with my case to get the attitude to change here.

  4. I have been to 3 S.A Scorpions games this year. I am certain that they would have a higher attendance average if they’re stadium was larger. It was awesome to see the place soldout on July 6th. I believe since the games start late in the evening the heat doesn’t really factor in attendance.

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  8. MNUFC fan here. It’s pretty clear that the people here like 1 of 2 thing. Either they like the indoor (Dome spring season) or they like the location (downtown Minneapolis). The fall games are at the Nation Sports Center in Blaine which is the northern suburbs and is about a 30 minute drive from down Minneapolis. It’s outdoor, which I don’t think is much of a factor, but man was it cold last nights game (35F). United needs to find a location downtown or at least a lot closer. Heck, they should really shoot for TCF stadium on the UMN campus. Now that’d be a great location!

  9. How much longer FCE can afford to field a club, let alone a competitive club with crowds averaging 2700 is beyond me. FCE needs to come up with the 100 Million for the 24th MLS franchise in 3-5 years or this NASL club is doomed to fail due to lack of interest and insufficient revenues coupled with an inferior facility

    • I’m under the impression that FCE has been using a “temporary” facility and that the club has been trying to find or renovate a venue for use as a more permanent home.

      In terms of the future, FCE has instituted an admirable residency program and has signed a couple of local teenagers for the senior squad. That’s an encouraging sign for me regarding the club’s commitment to carry on.

      • I agree. FCE has already developed a reputation as the Canadian Club fielding Canadian footballers, in addition to what you pointed out about the residency program. The 3 Canadian Clubs that play in MLS hardly pay any attention to Canadians. FCE is very much appreciated for that. I honestly hope Ottawa Fury FC will do the same, though they have quite done it so far with their initial signings. We’ll see how it develops as we get closer to the start of the season.

  10. Another thing to keep in mind is that Edmonton is still very much a Hockey Town, and I don’t expect that to change…ever. Secondly, it is a Canadian football town. So, FCE is trying to establish itself and football/soccer as the third sport/home team of the city. I think that is doable, and it is doable more so in the NASL then in MLS.

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