Red Bulls Postseason Update: February 1

After the dust from the Super-Draft and Supplement Draft settled (you know, from all the picks that New York made) the Red Bulls continued to seek cover across the field.  Of course, though, we have to begin with the exits from Red Bull Arena.  First and foremost on that list is young American international central defender Tim Ream.  Lots of things have been said about Tim Ream’s transfer from New York to Bolton of the English Premier League.  Now that he is officially not a Red Bull, I don’t have to feel guilty for admitting that Ream is vastly overrated.  He has yet to prove himself at the international level despite numerous opportunities.  The whole of the American soccer community was ranting and raving about Ream’s ability to play the ball out of the back, but he seemingly lost that control of possession and distribution in his second season in MLS.  In fact, instead of directing traffic from the back, Ream instead got caught in possession and coughed the ball up to opposition on a number of occasions in league play.  I’m not sure what Owen Coyle (or Arsenal scouts, for that matter) see in the 24 year old Ream, but maybe there’s a reason the Bolton Wanderers have been struggling in and around the relegation zone all season.

However, Tim Ream’s goal line clearance against Landon Donovan in the 2011 season was nothing short of inspirational for someone who played defense as a kid.

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